by Reminded

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Reminded are Vetal , Amich B , Timi and AT Eliminator
Mixed and mastered by Will at Dead Air Studios
Thanks for Klane, Denxhusky and all crew


released April 8, 2014


all rights reserved



Reminded Kiev, Ukraine

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Track Name: Bad Mouth
this is the only thing that you can bring
it's just because you hate to be ignored
you're not the one I need to excuse
I can't deal you so I choose the easier way
to tell you shut up
shut the fuck up
Track Name: Wasted
don't try to finish when you can't even start
you're losing yourself and that is your fault
don't blame everyone when it all depends on you
let's use all of our time for better things to do

wasted, and you're still on your own
every time you try is a chance to learn
think I don't know how hard it is to go on
I do
Track Name: Rats
your crafty face
I always catch your eye
your head's in the clouds
you think I try your smile
you're always glad to talk behind my back
like rats, you'd better stay on your track

just got one thing to say
get the fuck out of my way
I thought that here at last
we'll make this a thing of the past

Track Name: Shoot
this is the game that you always play
but I don't want to 'cause it's not a game
think you've won, but you're a mess
someone strikes back at your silly ass


end of your fucking trial
and now you can't go back to square one
Track Name: Step Aside
I stood by your side and I had your back
but now step aside
and I'll show you
show you how I make my way through

I gotta try my best
for every step I take

I don't get how can you
always ignore when you're running your mouth
take your chance or walk away
keep ignoring
you're running your mouth

man, you can call me insane
but that's what I always wanted
to get off the road
that leads us straight
into nowhere
Track Name: N.P.T.H.
you always leave when it's hard to get through
but we ain't the same and I won't follow you
life is a chase there's not much we can do
get your shit together 'cause I'm in it too

afraid to stay
just brave enough to run away

looking for things that lie in front of you
seeing nothing 'cause you don't want to
but you got your strength and your life to live
it's to hold on, no time to give in

life isn't kind
you got no place to hide
face it pride
and leave the doubts behind
Track Name: Iron Head
it's so easy to get
but not for your iron head
why should I spend my time
for words that you don't understand

sorry man, but when I see your angry serious face
and you look with empty eyes it just makes me sad

it's so easy to get
but not for your iron head
I talked to you so many times
but you won't understand

sorry man, but when I see your angry serious face
and you look with empty eyes it just makes me sad

you see the problem in someone
with different point of view
I think that problems we've got
because of people like you

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